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Q. Slight condensation under the glass: Why?

If the temperature changes sharply, a slight condensation could appear under the watch glass. This mist will not affect the functions of the watch and will soon disappear. If it persists, please bring your watch to an authorized Service Center.

Q. Automatic Watches: Why does my watch stop?

A number of watches feature high-quality selfwinding mechanical movements. The noiseless rotor inside an automatic watch converts your forearm's every motion into energy that winds the mainspring. When fully wound, it provides the watch with a power reserve of about 40 hours. Provided it is worn regularly and actively, the watch should never require manual winding. Should it remain off the wrist for some days, the movement can be wound manually. Wind the movement by turning the crown clockwise approximately 15 full rotations. Push the crown back in. If a screw crown, unscrew the crown by turning the crown counterclockwise. To lock a screw crown, push the crown into the case and turn clockwise until it is tightly screwed in place.

Q. What is the difference between a self-winding and a manual-winding movement?

The difference between these two movements is the way in which the watch is wound up. Manual-winding watches must be wound by hand every day, whereas self-winding watches are wound by an internal rotor which responds to wrist movements. Self-winding watches usually have a power reserve of at least 40 hours and therefore have sufficient energy reserves to maintain a stable rate when the watch is not being worn (e.g. overnight).

Q. Does my watch need periodic checks?

Omikron watches are designed to provide a lifetime of accurate and reliable service. However, every two or three years, or when you replace the battery, you should visit an appointed dealer or Authorized Service Center. They will inspect your watch for any worn parts that may need replacement, check whether it needs lubrication, and whether perspiration or water, dust, etc., have penetrated the case.

Q. How should I care for my watch case and band?

A Metal bracelets should be washed carefully in water. If really dirty, use a soft toothbrush with soap and water to brush away the dirt. Finally, rinse with water and dry carefully with a soft cloth. If your watch is not water resistant, be careful not to get water on the case. Cases should be wiped gently with a slightly moistened soft cloth and then dried carefully. Leather straps should be slightly loosened in the summer, when they may absorb perspiration. A tight strap not only prevents the passage of air over the strap undersurface but can also cause a perspiration rash on the wrist. If the strap ever becomes wet with perspiration, wipe it dry with a soft cloth. When you take off your watch, leave it in a well-ventilated spot. Never put it in a sealed container when it is still damp with perspiration. Avoid leaving your watch in direct sunlight. The strap color may fade.

Q. Is there such thing as a completely waterproof watch?

Not really...in fact it's not even a legal term in the US anymore, and for good reason. Even deep-sea submarines have maximum depths beyond which they cannot safely travel. That's because deeper water means higher water pressure, and eventually water pressure will break the windows. Watches are rated for "water resistance," which is an evaluation of how much water pressure the moisture seals can withstand. Most watches are rated to 50 meters, which is more than most of us will ever need. Sport and diving watches are often rated to 200 meters or more. Ironically, humans can only safely dive to about half that depth, and extremely high depth ratings are more an indicator of craftsmanship and status than actual utility. Water resistance is also measured in ATM, or atmospheres. One atmosphere is equivalent to 10 meters.

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